What is Now the Number One Cause of Death? Iatrogenia.

Iatrogenia in Hospitals leading cause of death

World Health Organization Pronounces Iatrogenia #1 Cause of Death

Iatrogenia is #1 Cause of Death

By Julia Loggins

The World Health Organization, has named iatrogenia as the number one cause of death. Iatrogenia is an illness stemming from medical treatment, or from the complications of medical treatment. This means that the cure could be more harmful than the disease. Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Prevention of Iatrogenia. Health and Well-Being is in Your Hands

How can you stay healthy enough to avoid landing in a hospital? I offer my prescription for prevention. Below I present the Four D’s. DETOXIFICATION, DIGESTION, DIET, and DE-STRESSING.


Seasonal cleansing, taught in my workbook It Takes Guts To Be Happy!, is key to sustainable health. The human body is not designed to endure the 2500 chemicals exposed to us daily through the air, food, and skin. Limit sugar, processed foods, wheat, dairy, and alcohol for a time. This will allow your organs to purge accumulated poisons. Detoxification drains the lymphatic system, clears the crud from the colon, and rests vital organs. Congested lymph leads to inflammation — the root cause of pain and disease. A life-saving practice, cleansing purifies the immune system. With a strong immune system we can thrive on this beautiful, but toxin-challenged, planet.


Producing 90% of the neurotransmitters responsible for the “all is right with the world” feeling; the gut is where serotonin and well-being is born. If the gut ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Undigested food turns to acid in the stomach. Undigested food creates acid-reflux, blood sugar surges, and allergies. Food rots and putrefies inside the colon; and the body decomposes before its time. Digestive enzymes, right food combining (food combining chart: It Takes Guts To Be Happy!), and a clean diet can heal the gut. Love your belly and your belly will love you!


A diet of indigestible processed foods can lead to iatrogenia. Eat fresh, organic foods, 75% or more raw, to nourish and renew the body. Solutions for busy people are easy. Instead of cooking, whip up a protein, rice, hemp, or pea smoothie. Instead of fast food, run to the juice bar for a salad-in-a-glass, a vitamin-rich cocktail. Spend a few hours on Sunday simmering soups and stews for the week. When the question,“What’s for dinner?” arises, you will respond with a quick, easy answer. Another solution for easy cooking is the slow cooker. Use it!


Recognized as the top threat to health, stress demolishes immunity and ravages the nerves. How can frazzled people with hectic schedules moving at the speed of light, find peace? To neutralize stress, meet yourself for half an hour daily to walk, play, paint, meditate, or read. Treat this meeting as the most important meeting on Earth. Guard your “me-time” as if it is the final interview for the job of a lifetime! Know that you matter. Honor your “me-time” to preserve health, happiness, and to extend your life. De-stress to live long enough to meet your grandchildren, for some of the most joyous moments of life. When you de-stress, all of a sudden, you recall that life is a precious gift.

Because it is.


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