The Ultimate Self-Love: Cleansing & Detoxification

It Takes Guts to be Happy! Mastering Menopause Makeover with Julia Loggins, Digestive Health Expert

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Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Love

Give the Gift of Self-Love Before the Holidays; and Look & Feel Like the New You on New Year’s Eve!

Would you like to lose the poochy tummy, gas, and bloating before the holidays? A thoughtful gift for yourself may be a pre-holiday cleanse. Save your health and save money, too! I am announcing the Mini Happy-Gut Makeover Nov 2-9 & Dec 1-7 — to give my clients and readers the opportunity to look and feel fabulous as the New Year’s Eve ball drops. Why wait for 2016 to heal your digestion, lift your mood, and super-charge your energy? This pre-holiday cleanse will arm you to make better choices at holiday parties and events. This mini-cleanse teaches ten ways to say “No, thank you,” to well-meaning loved ones who insist you try their home-baked lasagna or flan. The fear of hurting others’ feelings can destroy your gumption and will power. Saying “Yes,” instead of “No” can lead to a night of stomach cramps, morning headache, and the all-too-familiar food hangover. You do not deserve to spend holidays in pain or so bloated that your clothing fits too tightly!

Body Cleansing Equals Self-Love

Decide to make this year different. Give yourself the gift of self-love, in the most practical way possible — a change in diet and attitude around holiday foods. We have been taught that it’s “OK” to give into food cravings and cultural conditioning during the holidays.  This Bermuda Triangle of self-sabotage and gut-destruction from Thanksgiving to New Year leaves so many of us fat, sick, depressed, and angry at ourselves. It’s too much to navigate alone. That’s why I created a fun, entertaining group course that will incorporate the Cleansing Diet from my book, It Takes Guts To Be Happy! as well as some new tools and techniques for a happy gut, designed just for this time of year. Plus, I will be sharing easy-to-create recipes for cozy and comforting dinners and sugar-free deserts, so that it’s impossible to feel deprived!

The Cleansing Buddy System

Invite your sister, best friend, or partner to join you for this Mini Happy-Gut Makeover party. We will teleconference three times during the week, and our private Facebook page will offer daily, support, connection, and contact. Treat yourself to a colonic or lymphatic drainage session to speed up cleansing and accelerate weight loss. There will be one juice fasting (or protein smoothie) day, to introduce the joys of juice fasting. The most important components of the 21-Day Cleanse are streamlined into one week. Best of all, you can work, shop, take care of kids and exercise all the way through it, because there is no caloric restriction. The cleanse is protein-rich and nutrient-dense. Anyone, any age, can do it!  Get a jump on the holidays before the holidays pounds jump on you.

Body Cleansing & Detoxification is the Secret to Clear Skin

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Give yourself the Gift of Self-Love for 2016. You deserve to feel good!

Learn to just say no to the unhealthy holiday food blues; give yourself the valuable gift of self-love this year.

Is your teen depressed over the condition of their skin? Dumping sugar, wheat, dairy, junk food, and fake fats — the foundation of the cleanse — will begin to give create that clear complexion we all want to see when we look in the mirror. Skin break-outs break self-confidence. When my son, Luke, struggled with his skin and sought the advice of our dermatologist, Dr. Julia T. Hunter, she said, “Do the Cleanse in your mom’s book!”  (He did and it worked.) Cleanse as a family, and create the support group you need.

HGM-big-07-20-15Call Me Now to Start Building the New You for the New Year!

My gift to you, a drastically discounted course! I’m excited to cleanse with all of you in November and December– just one-week to whet your appetite for the six-week Happy Gut Makeover in January!  Join me and call 805-453-0364 or register now online.


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