CHOICES—Self-Quarantine or Self-Immunity

Self-Distancing for Self-Transformation Whether quarantined alone, with friends, or family, you may feel isolated. However, self-distancing can be a positive thing. Most of us look forward to experiencing the world again after coronavirus. Yet, you may wonder, how can I build strong immunity as my community relaxes its guidelines? As […] Read more »

Holidays too Much of a Good Thing? Try My Gifts Codes! This Year, Give Yourself the Gift of Health & Well-Being.

If “too much of a good thing” is your MO during the holidays, try my health and well-being solutions and supplements! The Happy Gut Cleanse formula sweeps the colon clean–plus it detoxifies the liver. If you are traveling, do not leave home without it. There is nothing like planes, trains, […] Read more »

A New You with Mastering Menopause Makeover by Julia Loggins

Claim Your $498.50 Gift Plus BONUS: Your New 2020 Body

You Have Exactly 5 Days to Unwrap it. November 28, 29, 30, Dec 1 & 2 by Midnight PST. How Does Your Body Feel About Holidays? With the holidays coming, is your body “sensing” a gift of 5-10 pounds already on the way? Do you recall that sinking feeling given to […] Read more »

A New You with Mastering Menopause Makeover by Julia Loggins

What are You Doing for Menopause?

Do you have hot flashes? Brain fog? Unexpected weight gain? Energy burnout?  Muffin top? Are you confused about what—if anything—to do about supplementing with hormones? The Mastering Menopause Makeover may be just what your higher self is seeking! My new online course, with live weekly group calls, was designed for […] Read more »

Julia loggins Offers Cleansing for energy to eliminate sugar

How to Eliminate Sugar Effortlessly!

Eliminate Sugar to be Easy-Peasy Sugar-Free! I developed my program to save my life which included my quest to eliminate sugar. The question everyone asks me is, how do you maintain a clean, sugar-free diet if your life is not at stake? The solutions for this is not about willpower. […] Read more »