Colon Cleansers for Stubborn & Clogged Body Systems

A Movement a Day–Keeps the Doctor Away!

ProbioMax DFThis week’s blog provides detailed information about colon cleansers. Mood, energy, and mental clarity is ruled by the gut. And nothing puts a damper on vibrancy like constipation … or diarrhea. If you suffer from IBS, you experience both. My clients who struggle with acheiving two bowel movements a week, would give anything for the loose, unpredictable releases of their unlucky friends suffering from colitis. In the game of “who has the worst” intestinal problems causing an assortment of symptoms from allergies to migraines to weight gain, there are no winners.


Daily Movements — Not an Impossible Dream!

However, through experience I know some simple products that can tame the toughest case of bowel congestion. The ones I am sharing do not cause or incite inflammation, which many laxatives do — even herbal ones. Bowel regularity is not achieved overnight. Yet sluggish and stubborn bowels do heal. Rosemary, age 76, complained that she had been constipated her entire life, and that her old stand-by laxatives had stopped working. She was lucky to have a movement once a week. Her doctor told her that was “normal” for her; and therefore, was not a problem. Wrong! After a series of colonics, change of diet, hydration, and use of the following supplements, Rosemary did the impossible. She started experiencing one healthy bowel movement daily. Here is my favorite bag of tricks:

Daily Probiotics are Natural Colon Cleansers

Daily probiotics nurture the gut with good bacteria that battles yeast overgrowth and stimulates peristalsis. Peristalsis is the contraction of the muscles of the colon, a necessary ingredient to regular bowels and immune health. The one shown above does not need to be refrigerated!

Assorted Colon Cleansers: Powdered Magnesium & More

One thousand milligrams of powdered magnesium, from a product such as Calm, split into two servings, often is all it takes to get things moving. Gentle, it does not cause cramps, and safe for all ages.

  • Aloe vera juice is a salve for the gut, with laxative properties that encourage movement. Drink 2-4 ounces a day, on an empty stomach. It also can heal stomach ulcers.
  • Health Force Intestinal Movement Formula. This gentle product is not habit-forming and safe to use regularly. It does not contain the herbs senna or cascara sagrada. These two common herbs are often used in laxatives and colon cleansers. They work because they are irritants. Irritants work short-term, but do not heal the problem. Long-term, they will increase inflammation and make symptoms worse.
  • Metagenics Metafiber. A blend of digestible soluable and non-soluable fibers, such as apple and beet fiber with rice bran, this gentle formula cleans the colon and creates regularity. It does not contain psyllium seed husks. Psyllium seed husks can worsen blockages if a person is prone to bloating, gas, and constipation. However, if diarrhea is the issue, psyllium seed husks may be the bulk needed to calm your gut.

Thank you, Dr. Richard Schulze!

For extreme constipation, I recommend Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Bowel Cleanser Number One. It is available online at Dr. Schulze also makes the only colon cleansers specifically formulated for children. That one is called Intestinal Bowel Cleanser Number Three. This yummy-tasting liquid, featuring a nectar of figs and herbs, was a saving grace for my daughter. Even though her diet included no wheat, dairy, processed food, or sugar, she suffered from constipation between 2-3 years of age. Liver congestion can clog up the bowels, and this remedy helped to release and heal. I have probably given away 100 bottles of this elixir to worried moms with suffering kids! It is also recommended for the elderly, as it is safe and does not cause cramps.

Colon Cleansing Happy Gut Makeover Admissions Ticket

With green juices, food enzymes, food combining, and jumping on rebounders, Happy Gut Makeover Course clients are eliminating as never before! It is rewarding to hear their success stories each week. We are enjoying weight loss, fewer headaches, decreased pain and inflammation, and soaring energy. Hope to have you with us for our Spring Makeover Course!

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